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Dr. Pearson, Dr. Parsons, Dr. Pielop, Dr. Metzinger and Dr. Kim are all certified by the American Board of Dermatology, and are Fellows of the American Academy of Dermatology. Kristin Sodolak, P.A. is available to meet your medical and cosmetic needs. Each has experience treating patients of all ages. From acne and warts to skin lesions that are changing or not healing, these doctors are dedicated to finding the most beneficial treatments for each patient.

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Now Offering Lumenis® M22™ Laser Treatments

Lumenis® Optima™ IPL Photo rejuvenation Solution
The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology allows treatment of pigmentation and vascular imperfections, while improving overall skin appearance. This treatment is for a wide range of skin concerns such as age and sun spots, freckles, birthmarks, rosacea and broken capillaries. IPL treatments work with your skin to remove your imperfections. Typically 2-6 sessions with about 4 weeks in between are needed to achieve optimal results.

Lumenis® ResurFX™ Solution
The ResurFX™ fractional laser is a state-of-the-art, non-ablative, skin resurfacing technology. This skin rejuvenation solution offers remarkable results for younger, healthier, glowing skin. It stimulates the production of new collagen and elastic fibers in the deeper layers of the skin. Stimulating new collagen production is the key to a more radiant, youthful looking skin. Typically 3-5 sessions in 4-5week intervals are needed to achieve results. You may continue to see improvements for up to six months following treatments. Normally a topical numbing cream is applied before treatment to ease any discomfort.

Hair Regrowth Treatments Offered
PLATELET RICH PLASMA (PRP) is a treatment that promotes hair growth. This procedure involves the collection of your blood (8-16ml) that is centrifuged to separate the plasma and platelets. The PRP will be injected into the scalp to stimulate hair growth. The product injected is your own blood by-product. Results are expected after 3 monthly treatments with 1-2 maintenance therapies per year. Before & After Photos